TRAGIC: Agnese Klavina vanished from the Costa del Sol in 2014

TWO British expats have begun their trial over the disappearance of Agnese Klavina today. 

Westley Capper and Craig Porter, who were the last to be seen with the Latvian woman on September 6, 2014, are each facing a 12-year sentence.

Privately-educated Capper is seeking ‘complete absolution’, with the defense arguing there is no evidence connecting him to Klavina’s disappearance. 

That is despite security camera footage from the Aqwa Mist nightclub in Marbella showing Klavina being seemingly forced into a Mercedes S63 AMG occupied by Capper and Porter.

Westley Capper (far left) with pal Craig Porter. Photo copyright the Olive Press

The footage is the last known sighting of the young woman before her disappearance, and according to the prosecution, it showed ‘to the simplest of the observers, that she was being driven against her will.’

Klavina had been in Marbella for only six months and was working at two chiringuitos as a waitress. 

On the night she vanished, secuirty footage showed her leaving Puerto Banus’s Aqwa Mist at around 6am, accompanied by a bald man.

The prosecuting judge in the case said Agnese showed an ‘active resistance’ to go with the individual, who ‘took her arm and pulled her into his vehicle’. 

Just a few metres away, another man, who had a slimmer figure, was seen talking to the doorman before also getting into the car. 

Agnese Klavina e
STILL MISSING: Klavina has never been found since she disappeared but family and friends assume the worst

The police soon identified the bald man as Westley Capper, while the thinner one was revealed to be Craig Porter.

According to Marbella prosecutors, the two Brits asked Klavina to go home with them to the El Madroñal urbanisation, also in Marbella, ‘which she openly refused’. 

The Brits then drove to their urbanisation, ‘holding her against her will’, prosecutors allege. 

The Brits, meanwhile, claim they are innocent and that they dropped Klavina off at a roundabout on the Ronda road.

Prosecutors will also use footage from La Duquesa port, in Manilva, which shows Capper and two others ‘carrying a large red suitcase’ onto the Brit’s Giofill III yacht. 

The group headed for Ibiza but broke down during the voyage, forcing them to dock in Cartagena in Murcia. 

Police boarded the ship and found a blonde hair and other traces of DNA, however they did not match Klavina. 

puerto banus sale
Klavina was last seen alive in Puerto Banus

According to Diario Sur, prosecutors are seeking a 12-year sentence for both Capper and Porter for kidnapping and €84,354 in compensation to the family of Klavina. 

The case will be held in Malaga and will end on March 20. 

The trial comes almost three years after Capper and Porter were involved in a deadly hit-and-run. 

Capper ran over and killed Fatima Dorado Para, a 40-year-old Bolivian mother, in San Pedro, while under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. 

The Olive Press revealed how the pair went for a curry in Estepona immediately after before being arrested by police. 

Prosecutors sought a two-and-a-half year sentence for Capper, who was driving the Bentley at 75km/h in a 40km/h zone. 

Capper paid €300,000 to the court for ‘possible compensation’ to the family of Fatima and is believed to have been spared jail.

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