TOP DOG: Montero revealed that his world record was supposed to have been a practice attempt

A SPANISH man has broken the Guinness World Record for the most hot dogs eaten in three minutes.

Joshua Montero, 24, gobbled up a staggering nine bangers in buns against the clock, ticking off his ‘bucket list’ aim of ‘having a world record’.

The Youtuber, known online as ‘Esttik’, uploaded a clip of his foodie feat onto the video-sharing platform.

Originally from Malaga, the new record-holder revealed his achievement was intended to be a ‘practice’ attempt, but he ended up doing it first time.

STUFFED: Montero ramming himself full of hot dogs

He said: “I’m always thinking about the record, and I saw that there were two that I thought I’d be able to.

“One was the number of burgers eaten in three minutes, and the other the same, but with hot dogs.”

The vlogger quickly received thousands of views after uploading the video and claims he even received an error message, telling him ‘the comments page had collapsed’.

Guinness verified the new record after obtaining the raw footage and contacting the witnesses present at the big eat.

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