BAD LUCK: The meetings began with a tarot reading

A CLAIRVOYANT has been sentenced to a year and three months for conning a disabled woman out of €13,000 on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

The victim, from Elche, gave all her savings to the soothsayer in an attempt to win back an ex-lover through the dark arts.

But she became trapped by destitution and death threats if she went to the Guardia Civil, and was even pressured into paying the clairvoyant to remove an evil eye she had been cursed with.

The woman suffered a 39% disability, according to Spain’s disability assessment procedure, and worked in a warehouse in Elche stacking boxes.

When she ran out of savings, the clairvoyant accompanied her to a car dealership to sell her vehicle, pocketing the cash to fund further love spells—which proved ineffective.

The seer was sentenced in Santa Pola’s Criminal Court 1, though it was not the first time she had faced trial—six years ago, charges were brought against her for offering a sex change in return for a pact with the devil.

That case was withdrawn by prosecutors, however, saying that the client should have known the clairvoyant’s claims were completely bogus.

The crimes this time around were committed during a three-month period beginning September 2013, and continued until the parents of the victim became aware of the fraud and brought in the authorities.

The clairvoyant was also ordered to return the €13,000 seen by Guardia Civil on bank transfers.

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