SOLO: In Malaga province 70% of elderly people who live alone are women

OVER 60,000 elderly people live alone in Malaga, 70% of whom are women, new data has revealed.

In total 60,400 houses in the province are home to an over-65-year-old living alone (43,000 women), according to the Continuous Household Survey.

The report, by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), also found that 40% of all single-person households were inhabited by this group.

LONELY: An INE report found that 40% of those living alone are over 65

It also emerged that, of the 25 – 34 age group, around half live at home with their parents, with numbers having increased on 2017.

Meanwhile, of the 642,800 houses lived in, in 2018, the largest number were inhabited by two people.

Another finding was that 53% of 25 – 29-year-olds lived with their parents, while 24.7% of 30 – 34-year-olds did the same.

In Spain as a whole last year, 4,732,400 of people lived alone, 43.1% of whom are over 65, while 72% of that group are women.

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