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Spain records its lowest level of unemployment since 2008

Spain has recorded its lowest level of unemployment since 2008, according to the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy.  In May, unemployment fell by almost...

Top companies in Spain by region

Datacentric has updated its annual ranking of the top companies in each of the 50 Spanish provinces and two autonomous cities. It uses a...

Spanish Costa’s del Sol hoteliers expect tourists numbers in July 2022 to exceed pre-pandemic levels

The Costa’s del Sol hoteliers association Aehcos predicts that July of this year will see more tourists than the same period of 2019. “The data...

International tourist spending betters pre-pandemic levels in Spain’s Andalucia 

TOURISTS have spent more money than before the pandemic in Andalucia, according to data released by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE). According to...

Worried about the reintroduction of mobile phone data roaming fees in Spain and the EU?

  YET another unfortunate casualty of Brexit is free roaming. Despite promising not to, many UK networks have announced that they will reintroduce roaming charges...

DATA REVOLUTION: How the pharmaceutical industry is being transformed

THE availability of data has completely transformed the traditional pharmaceutical industry with the most significant impact in drug discovery, clinical trials and patient outreach. However,...

‘70% of Spain’s residents are fed up with their job’, among MINDBLOWING stats which show how unhappy the country...

Other data include that 80% dislike Mondays and that only 13% of men and 24% of women think the salary they receive is fair.

Number of Spain’s ‘super rich’ millionaires surges by 74% in decade as poorest get poorer

The net wealth of Spain’s poorest 50% has decreased by 4% since 2008

REVEALED: These countries made the most asylum applications to Spain so far this year

Andalucia had the third most asylum applications so far this year after Madrid with 20,395 and Catalunya with 6,059

In Spain’s Malaga 60,000 elderly people live alone, 70% of whom are women, according to new data

In Spain as a whole last year, 4,732,400 of people lived alone, 43.1% of whom are over 65, while 72% of that group are women

Summer days drifting away

Finance expert Mark Rickard of HiFX on the thorn in the Bank of England's side

Overworked Spanish nurses could lead to more patient deaths

A study of nine European countries revealed Spain had the most overworked nurses, with 12.7 patients each




Brazilian legend Ronaldo, 47, marries third wife, model Celine Locks, 33, in modest Ibiza ceremony

THE low-key wedding of a struggling second division football club president in Ibiza turned more than a few heads over the weekend. But that’s not...


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