THE availability of data has completely transformed the traditional pharmaceutical industry with the most significant impact in drug discovery, clinical trials and patient outreach.

However, the biggest challenge facing the executives is to put this non-synchronous data to use.

Inderpreet Headshot

To innovator and data designer Inderpreet Kambo, this challenge isn’t intimidating, but an exciting opportunity. Over the years, he has helped pharma companies around the globe in adopting data technologies to improve drug discovery, optimised drug-pricing and better outreach. 

One of his novel contributions to the field of pharma analytics world is RDNavigator ( which focuses on a specialised niche in the market – rare disease where the patients are sparse and difficult to find. The patients are tracked almost in real time at different points of time in their treatment journey. Any deviation in the patient drop-off or change in their behaviour is quickly captured which helps in timely business decisions. 

The work received international accolades when Inderpreet Kambo and his team presented it at the World Orphan Disease Conference in Spain (2019).

This is not a one-off achievement under Inderpreet’s belt. He has also been instrumental in developing initiatives like FIA 2.4 that is a proven commercial success and supports pharma companies to price their drugs effectively. 

The platform enabled how price of a drug could influence the likelihood of drug prescriptions and its abandonment. 

By creating and developing such novel, industry revolutionising solutions, Inderpreet has proved that with smart data solutions, it is possible to improve existing and traditional healthcare delivery models. 

Using AI, he is helping pharma executives, investors, and companies make sense of the data that has been kept in silos for ages. Considered as an expert on commercial reporting and AI guided patient finding, he is the one who is leading the much-needed change with out-of-box and innovative methodologies.

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