FENCE: Santiago Abascal on a visit to border at Melilla

THE leader of the far-right party Vox has echoed Donald Trump with a call to build a ‘great’ wall to stop immigrants coming to Spain.

Santiago Abascal called for a ‘insurmountable wall’ to be built at the borders of Spain’s north African enclaves to halt the ‘wave of illegal immigrants.’

Abascal argued Morocco should pay for the wall and soldiers at the borders should be given the ‘necessary orders’ to defend them.

The 42-year-old said: “Morocco is the one who sends us waves of clandestine immigrants to blackmail the European Union.”

BORDER: The fence that separates Morocco and Ceuta

Abascal also accused NGOs of collaborating with the ‘mafia’ to rescue people from the African coast for ‘human trade.’

Polls suggest Vox could be the first far-right party since the 1970s to win seats in the Spanish parliament at the upcoming general election.


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