LIKE FATHER LIKE SON: Police capture British duo at Alicante airport

A BRITISH father and son have been arrested at Alicante-Elche airport after they tried to fly to London with 400 grams of hashish.

National Police were called to the airport after the son, 22, flagged up as being wanted by a court in Murcia.

Once police had arrived, the young man fled the scene, sparking a chase inside the airport.

Two police officers sustained injuries during the son’s eventual capture, after which he was found to be carrying 200 grams of hashish.

Once police discovered the son was travelling with his father, 50, police tracked him down at the rear-end of a plane bound for London.

Police quickly discovered the man was also carrying 200 grams of hashish, which he had tried to hide in a nearby bin, and arrested him also.

The detainees, who have seven police records between them , were placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction of Guardia number three in Elche.

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