STOLEN: Ronald Johnson bought his Rolex GMT-Master 50 years ago

A British pensioner has had his €35,000 Rolex stolen after being followed for over an hour from Calpe to Moraira.

Ronald Johnson, 72, was leaving a clinic in Calpe when a woman knocked on his car window asking for the time.

Johnson noticed the ‘eastern European’ woman eyeing his watch, a Rolex GMT-Master, which she grappled from his wrist an hour and a half later, and 15km away, in a Moraira garden.

“She got in a car behind me after asking for the time, which I thought was very strange,” Johnson told the Olive Press.

He then drove to Moraira to spend an hour in a bar, before travelling to a house he was looking after for a friend.

He entered the property and was closing the ‘slow gate’ when the same woman slipped in, trapping herself in the garden.

“She became very aggressive,” Johnson added, saying he ‘fought her off’ for ‘five minutes’ before she ran off with his timepiece.

Johnson purchased his watch 50 years ago with his ‘first paycheck’ alongside four close friends—all of whom have since had them stolen.

He praised the Guardia Civil’s efforts, saying they have brought him in for identity parades, and have been working undercover to locate the still-at-large criminals.

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