LIFESAVER: Hangover package from Craicpack

AN Irish company has come up with the perfect solution to beat your Easter hangover.

CraicPack, famous for its gift boxes, has just launched the ‘Hangover Box Care Package’.

The lifesaver, which can be shipped to Spain and around the world, arrives in a box emblazoned with Irish sayings and contains some well-known local cures.

The package includes:

Brennans Bread

Butlers Hot Chocolate

Berocca Tablets

Lyons or Barry’s Tea

Manhattan Popcorn

Tayto Crisps

Bacon Fries

Dairy Milk


Pot Noodle

McDonnell’s Curry Sauce

Spice Bag Mix

Airwaves chewing gum

McVities biscuits

Natural Confectionary Co or Haribo Jellies

Batchelor Beans

Ballymaloe Relish

Brown sauce

“We know what it’s like to have a hangover while living abroad,” said the team at CraicPack.

“Sometimes you just want to have a Tayto sandwich when you wake up or Airwaves chewing gum and MiWadi to get through your work day.”

You can order the package here: 

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