SCENE: Manhole bellowing smoke ©theOlivePress

A GROUP of British and Spanish children had to be pulled out of a manhole on the street today after a dangerous game went horribly wrong. 

According to reports, the children had accessed the underground watering system via an uncovered hole in the wall on the beach of Sabinillas, Manilva. 

The underground system runs underneath the town and carries waste water to the sea and has manholes or grids on the streets above.

One child was covered in ash ©theOlivePress

According to local sources, the kids lit some mattresses on fire at the beach exit causing a rapid fire.

While most children escaped onto the beach, one Spanish child did not get out in time.

The flames and smoke forced him back into the waterways where he became trapped underneath the La Colonia area of Sabinillas. 

Passersby heard him screaming and called for backup.

Locals had to reach down into the drains to pull the child out as smoke was bellowing from the manhole. 

The boy was covered in black smoke and had to be attended to by an ambulance. 

“It was horribile,” one witness told the Olive Press, “there was smoke everywhere and it was so choatic, we did not know if more children were down there. 

“They could have easily died today, thank God they did not.”

The fire has been put out by firemen.

More to follow…


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