LEVIATHAN: The whale was found in the Poniente Quay of Valencia’s port

A PASSENGER ferry has killed a sperm whale during a routine trip between Palma, Mallorca, and Valencia.

The giant whale was only discovered when the Transmediterranea ship docked at the Poniente Quay in the Port of Valencia at 7.45pm last Saturday.

Port workers called the Emergency Control Centre after seeing the cetacean encrusted to the front of the large passenger, which did not even know the animal was there due to the ‘size of the ship and engine noise’.

Port police rushed to rescue the sperm whale, but it had sunk in the port and a group of divers was called in the following morning to extract the body.

Crew admitted to ‘knowing nothing’ about the creature.

LOST AND FOUND: The whale was recovered by a team of divers

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