DOG POO: Alicante was the second-worst in Spain for animal excrement

STRIKING binmen and dirty dogs have left Alicante at the bottom of the list of Spain’s filthiest cities.

It is a small deterioration, as Alicante, rated as the second-dirtiest in Spain after Jaen, was rated as third bottom the previous year.

The study asked more than 5,620 residents of 60 Spanish cities to rate waste management in seven different factors.

Alicante came out worst in Spain for ‘rubbish left around containers’ and second-worst for ‘animal excrement’.

Elche was rated in the top 20 cleanest Spanish cities.

Residents there pay €20 more for waste services, at €67 per person per year. Meanwhile Alicante has been hit by strikes over low-pay and deterioration of equipment.

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