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Errant owner who failed to pick up after her dog on Spain’s Costa del Sol tracked down to home...

THE owner of a bull terrier in the Valencian town of Paterna received a nasty surprise when she received a fine of €500 for...

Poo Fighters! Catalan town brings in superhero to fight a smelly problem

A CATALAN town has created a unique crime fighter to tackle the scourge of dog poo. Superhero SAC - Super Anti-Caques - visits schools and...

Pooch Poo Crackdown in Spain’s Benalmadena

BENALMADENA starts DNA tests of canine faeces left in public that could see owners fined €300. The health councillor of Benalmadena City Council (Malaga), Juan...

Man arrested in Spain’s Mijas for hanging his dog from a pergola as punishment after it ‘destroyed plants’

A MAN has been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Costa del Sol’s Mijas for an alleged crime of animal abuse. An investigation was launched...

Spain’s Mallorca launches dog poo crackdown, using DNA testing to catch owners and fine them €300 for not clearing...

Owners are to provide veterinarians with a sample of their canines' DNA, obtained through a blood test or by swabbing a dog's mouth for saliva

Costa Blanca city wants to analyse dog poo DNA to catch owners

A COSTA Blanca city wants to analyse the DNA of dog faeces to catch their unsanitary owners. Elche’s department of hygiene wants to introduce...

Alicante is the second-dirtiest city in Spain, according to new research

Alicante came out worst in Spain for ‘rubbish left around containers’ and second-worst for ‘animal excrement’

STEPPED IN IT: Dog poo bank robbers busted in southern Spain

A GANG of robbers who used dog poo to distract bank staff in a series of heists has been busted in southern Spain.  Police arrested...

Only 10% of Malaga dogs register on dog poo DNA database as Benalmadena and Estepona eye up initiative

ONLY 10% of Malaga's dogs have been registered on the new DNA database. Just a few weeks after the voluntary deadline to register ended on...

Malaga introduces compulsory dog DNA profiling to curb dog poo problem

It is hoped the tags will also prevent owners from abandoning or mistreating their animals.

Malaga to create dog DNA register to tackle dog poo scourge

Some people have said that it is an unnecessary expense

Will anyone do something about this doggy mess?

Los disgusting Perros & the Happy Yapping Club

Dog poo detective unleashed on Spanish town

An incognito detective will be scouring Colmenar Viejo for irresponsible pet owners




Tortoises, rabbits and frogs released in Gibraltar nature reserve as part of ‘rewilding’ project

SIX adult tortoises, wild rabbits and Iberian water frogs have become new residents of Gibraltar after being released into the wild after being extinct...


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