ONLY 10% of Malaga’s dogs have been registered on the new DNA database.

Just a few weeks after the voluntary deadline to register ended on October 31, it has been revealed that only 10,000 of the city’s 100,000 dogs have completed the process.

The initiative takes a blood sample from pet pooches and gives the owner an ID number.

It is aimed to prevent mistreatment, abandonment and to punish those who do not pick up after their dog.

DNA samples will be extracted from the do-do and the owner will be fined €210, which can reach €500 for repeat offenders.

The deadline for registration has now been extended until December 31.

Those who do not register within that period will be fined €210 if caught with an unregistered pooch.

The test costs €35 and can be done at any veterinarian or at the College of Veterinarians.

Councillor Jiménez says the town hall has a €200,000 grant to help those who have economic problems.

All those owners who are unemployed may obtain a voucher at the Municipal Boards of the District with which to pay the veterinarian. Later, they will receive a badge and an identity card.


The DNA campaign has already began the process of becoming law in Rincon de la Victoria while other locations such as Benalmádena, Alhaurín, Estepona and Ojén have shown interest in developing the initiative.

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