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Police in Spain’s Murcia resort to DNA testing to identify victims of horrific nightclub fire

THE NATIONAL POLICE on Wednesday identified the last of the 13 victims who died in the horrific fire that ripped through two nightclubs in...

Benidorm shocker as false teeth lost during 2011 Spanish booze-up get returned to UK owner

A British holidaymaker who lost his dentures on a night out in Benidorm in 2011 has been reunited with them thanks to DNA matching. Paul...

DNA tests solve mystery of a body that floated 300 kilometres to Spain’s Costa Blanca

DNA tests have identified a female windsurfer found floating in Costa Blanca waters by a Javea fishing boat in early June. Strong currents from the...

‘EXTREMELY VIOLENT’ drug dealer is arrested on Spain’s Costa Blanca after he tried to kill a customer

DNA analysis has helped police arrest a man branded as 'extremely violent' in Crevillente. The 37-year-old drug dealer is accused of trying to kill a...

HE’S THE DADDY: Ex-lover of Spain’s Julio Iglesias speaks out after singer revealed as FATHER of her child

"Julio destroyed my dreams. I should’ve known what I was doing, but it's always the woman who has to pick up the pieces"

Little Julen and family pictured amid reports rescuers have found DNA

Vicky Garcia and Jose Rosello have been sleeping in car beside the opening in the ground since Sunday

We’re only human… just

OUR bodies are covered in microscopic creatures, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Not surprisingly the vast majority of this microscopic life resides in our...

DNA found in search for missing Gabriel Cruz, 8, who vanished from small Andalucia village last week

A T-SHIRT has been found in the search for an eight-year-old boy who mysteriously vanished from his home in Almeria last week.  Police confirmed today...

Only 10% of Malaga dogs register on dog poo DNA database as Benalmadena and Estepona eye up initiative

ONLY 10% of Malaga's dogs have been registered on the new DNA database. Just a few weeks after the voluntary deadline to register ended on...

Sun screen in the future may be made from salmon sperm

SCIENTISTS are toying with the idea of a sunscreen made of DNA. And it’s main ingredient might not sound appealing to every beach goer -...

Malaga introduces compulsory dog DNA profiling to curb dog poo problem

It is hoped the tags will also prevent owners from abandoning or mistreating their animals.

Malaga to create dog DNA register to tackle dog poo scourge

Some people have said that it is an unnecessary expense

Would this have happened to a Spanish woman?

Clearly bureaucracy - and appalling medical errors - have gotten in the way of humanity in this extraordinary episode

PICTURED: Stacie Cottle relishing first days back with baby and family in Axarquia village

But she could not find the right sized nappy anywhere

Boat seized in search for missing girl Agnese Klavina

Police fear she may have been murdered and thrown overboard from a motorboat

Lawyer slams British bureaucracy for keeping innocent expat in Spanish jail

Allegedly innocent Dutchman Romano van der Dussen has been behind bars for 11 years

Spanish people with HIV and hepatitis C are ‘more difficult’ to treat

Research has revealed Spaniards' genes makes it difficult to treat coinfected patients with both HIV and HCV
great bustards

Spanish great bustards are bound for Great Britain

The last UK bustard was shot in 1832

Oldest DNA in history found in Spanish cave

Genetic material extracted from 400,000 year old bone

‘Spain’s richest banker was my father’

Famous financier to be exhumed to discover if he sired two girls adopted at birth

Missing link overlooked in the Madeleine McCann case

Police failed to extract DNA samples from a pile of cigarette butts, which may have held the key to the case

Spanish DNA database has helped solve 7,500 crimes

This includes the clear up of 581 rapes, 454 murders and 51 acts of terrorism

Murdered Maria received death threats

Two letters sent to the murdered teenager could be the latest clue to her killer as police reveal they have a 70 per cent DNA match

DNA breakthrough cracks brutal rape after nine years

Almost a decade after the horrific attack, a rape case involving a British woman is being reopened, thanks to new DNA evidence

Golden trotters

World's "most expensive" Iberico ham has gone on sale in London




Supermarket strike is announced in Spain over the crucial Christmas period

SUPERMARKET and grocery shop workers in the Madrid area are set to strike over Christmas over wage rise demands. The UGT trade union has announced...


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