IT was the dramatic breakthrough that police forces around the world were waiting for.

Now it can be confirmed that thousands of crimes have been solved since a national DNA database was introduced in Spain three years ago.

Spain’s National Police have announced that a staggering 7,500 cases have been solved since the controversial genetic database was first created in November 2007.

This includes the clear up of 581 rapes, 454 murders and 51 acts of terrorism.

The DNA bank now stores the genetic information of 183,000 people – taken from blood, semen, saliva, or hairs collected at crime scenes – including that of 50,000 unidentified people.

DNA was first used to identify and convict someone of a crime in the UK back in 1988, but it has since become an essential tool for forensic investigations.

Now in a bid to increase the number of convictions based on DNA evidence, the Spanish bank is set to be linked to those of other European Union countries so police can share information across borders.

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  1. Spain has only the genetic information of 183,000 convicted criminals on its database. What will a Spanish copper make of the million innocent on UK’s NDAD? Guilty by association? No need to investigate further if they happen to stumble on a match or near match?

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