HEARTBREAK: Vicky and Jose with children

THIS is the mother and father of little Julen who fell down a well in Malaga on Sunday. 

Vicky Garcia and Jose Rosello have been sleeping in a car beside the opening in the ground since Sunday, desperately hoping their son will be rescued.

It comes amid reports that DNA of Julen has been found among samples of dirt from deep within the well.

TRAGIC: A photo shared on social media is believed to be that of Julen

The tragic pair, who live in El Palo, in Malaga city, have already lost a son, making the story all the more heart-wrenching.

Their eldest boy Oliver died suddenly aged just three due to a heart defect in 2017.

Detectives confirmed today that DNA samples found in the soil were confirmed to be a match for Julen, who fell into the well on Sunday.

It follows a four-day frantic search for the tot, which saw hundreds of experts rush to the scene in Totalan.

Builder Carlos Mendoza, 49, from Malaga, who lives in Totalan, told the Olive Press: “Relatives of the couple only bought the land a couple of months ago, they didn’t even have a house there, just a tool shed.

“They had just arrived for the weekend, but actually live in El Palo.

“It’s a real tragedy for the village, there are only 600 people here and we are really devastated for the family.”

He told this paper yesterday: “It will be an absolute miracle if he comes out alive but we are all crossing our fingers.”

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