A GANG of robbers who used dog poo to distract bank staff in a series of heists has been busted in southern Spain. 

Police arrested the group of five men after a robbery at a bank in Cartagena was caught on CCTV and revealed the unusual method behind the crime.

The gang members posed as strangers and entered the bank in a series of disguises.

The heist began when one member of the group discreetly dropped a pile of dog excrement on the floor of the bank near the entrance and then spoke loudly to get the attention of both customers and bank staff while the rest of the group got to work.

Police said:  “They each took a different role; one was in a suit, another dressed as a youth in a hoodie and baseball cap, one was an old person, one a woman and another had his hair up in a ponytail.”

When one robber started complaining loudly about the mess on the floor, shouting ‘What a disgrace, don’t they do any cleaning?’, the bank manager came out of his office to deal with the fuss.

This left another alone in the office to take everything he could.

The group then left the bank calmly and went their separate ways.

Police said the gang are suspected of stealing €64,000 in a series of thefts at different banks across the region.

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