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Inflation to stay around 7% until end of 2022 in Spain as mortgage relief deal gets struck with banks

SPAIN'S Economy Minister, Nadia Calviño, says the annual inflation rate will stay at around 7% for the rest of the year before falling next...

Spain announces details of new windfall tax on banks and fuel companies

SPAIN'S government has announced details of its new windfall tax on banks and fuel companies which aims to bring in €7 billion into state...

Leading bank in Spain slams windfall tax plans as profits rise by nearly 11%

BANKINTER executives say plans for a windfall tax on banks in Spain to help fight cost of living rises could hit capital levels, hurt...

Pedro Sanchez announces surprise windfall taxes on banks and energy companies in Spain

BANKS and energy companies in Spain are to be hit with new 'temporary' windfall taxes. The surprise announcement was made in Congress on Tuesday by...

Spain’s CaixaBank promises better services for older customers despite branch closures

SPAIN'S CaixaBank has pledged new and improved services for older customers despite a wave of over 1,500 branch closures in the wake of its...

Fraudsters scammed bank customers to steal PIN numbers for ATM withdrawals in Costa Blanca area of Spain

TWO men have been arrested in Dolores on 25 counts of bank fraud. They illegally obtained PIN numbers which were used in ATMs across Alicante...

Workers at Spain’s BBVA bank will strike next week over redundancy plans

EMPLOYEES at the BBVA bank, the second largest in Spain, are set to strike on June 2 in protest over planned job losses and...

THE SMALL PRINT: New bank charges introduced for receiving UK pensions in Spain

SEVERAL high-street Spanish banks have begun charging a fee for receiving money transfers from the UK. Nicole Chandler, 71, is a client of a major...

Banks in Spain continue to shed jobs and close branches

THE six main Spanish banks have shed 2,176 jobs and closed 1,188 offices so far during the coronavirus pandemic - with worse to come...

Scientists create computer model to predict corruption in Spanish provinces

Interestingly, other risk factors for shady shenanigans include real estate tax, a housing price increase, bank openings and the creation of new companies, according to the study.

PSOE push for 8% ‘social justice’ tax on Spain’s banks to save failing pension system

THE PSOE have called for an 8% 'social justice' tax on Spain's banks in a bid to rescue the country's faltering pensions system. Party leader...

STEPPED IN IT: Dog poo bank robbers busted in southern Spain

A GANG of robbers who used dog poo to distract bank staff in a series of heists has been busted in southern Spain.  Police arrested...

Offshore banks eye up Spain as property boom gathers apace

Company states they are seeing an improved appetite from banks to lend

New rules on unbuilt properties restore faith in Spain’s legal system

For those who have paid deposits into developers’ bank accounts for homes never built, they should be refunded by the bank even if the developer is no longer trading

Clausula suelo cash back!

Step-by-step guide on how to reclaim money lost to the controversial floor clause

EC says Spain’s banking sector remains at risk of future bailouts

European Commision has hit out at Spain’s banking sector

Getting the clause out!

The end of hidden minimum interest fees gives thousands of Spanish mortgage holders cause to applause

New law in Spain offers fewer safeguards for off-plan property buyers

Changes that come into effect from January 1, 2016, leave consumers at much greater risk of financial losses. Only banks and insurers look set to benefit

No more chauffeurs for Spanish bank BBVA’s management team

But the move to strip board members of their cars has not gone down well

Word of warning for borrowers in Spain

Buyers are flocking to our shores as the property market is in full swing, Mortgage expert Tancrede de Pola offers a word of warning for prospective borrowers

Banks say ‘yes’ to UK accounts for EU residents

But the ruling applies only to current accounts




Plan to relocate outdoor-only school from Ireland to sunny southern Spain

The pandemic has brought into sharp focus the importance of clean, fresh air. Yet our children continue to spend seven hours a day indoors...


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