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New year in Spain opens with 150 corruption cases in the courts

Court dates loom for several high profile trials

Bankia sells off unsecured loans

Two American firms have purchased millions of euros worth of unsecured loans

Spain’s ‘toxic’ banks increase property portfolio at alarming rate

The 13 largest banks in Spain increase property portfolio by €6.1 billion in single year

ECB cuts rates causing euro to weaken dramatically

The changes are aimed at forcing banks to lend

Spanish bank borrowing down for 17th month

Less than half of all time high 411 billion euros borrowed from ECB in January

Bailed out Bankia returns to profit

63% state owned bank could begin privatisation soon

Banco Santander reports 90% profit increase

A drop in bad loans, and a boost in emerging markets, steered Santander to profit surge

Banks go it alone as Spain exits bloc aid programme

Spain praised for turning around its failing banks

Mortgage refinancing on borrowed time

The Bank of Spain said that around one in 12 mortgages had been refinanced over the past few years

Spanish bank borrowing falls as confidence returns

Thirteenth consecutive month of falls in borrowing from ECB

Traveller’s cheques: DO leave home without them

A visitor's holiday funds ran short when banks and hotels refused to exchange his traveller's cheques

EU rejects ‘Cyprus solution’ in Spain

EU denies that savers could see accounts raided to save the euro

6,000 job cuts and 1,100 Bankia branches to close in €36.9 billion bailout

Struggling banks hoping to return to profit in 2013 by slashing jobs and closing branches

Good(ish) news for Spanish banks

Relief as ‘stress tests’ reveal only half its banks need a bailout

Maximilian Bartie: ‘What a banker’

Our resident columnist, formerly of Royal Tunbridge Wells, puts the world to rights

Union enters final stages of three week march across Andalucia

Around 1,300 members of the Andalucian Workers Union have arrived in Sevilla to attend a public meeting

Agony Ant asks Spanish bank customers: Will your deposits be safe?

Antonio addresses the growing uncertainty that customers face in their transactions with struggling banks

‘Junk’ status as Spain asks for bailout

Ratings agency Moody’s took the action against lenders including Santander

How safe is your money if your bank should fail?

Why you should consider possible contingency plans in case things go badly wrong

Victims of illegal equity release scam in Spain take the banks to court

A group of 25 foreign residents, who could lose their homes, have filed a lawsuit in the High Court in Madrid against the banks for crimes of fraud and false advertising

Riot breaks out as family are evicted for failing to pay €24,000 mortgage in Spain

The family with three children were forcibly evicted from their home in Jerez as six police were injured and guns were fired in the air. Exclusive By Jon Clarke

Gibraltar bank sends 40,000 euros to wrong account in Thailand

Olive Press steps in to help woman, after Jyske bank sent 40,000 euros of her money to a third party in Thailand in error. EXCLUSIVE by Anatoly Kurmanaev

Bank book bonanza

Flashback to her childhood in the States as Caitlyn battles with an ATM in Seville

A lot of stress over what exactly?

Olive Press finance writer Ian Le Breton on how the vast majority of Spanish banks have passed the so-called "stress tests"

Hurting homeowners

Reposessions are expected to rocket this year with Andalucia topping the tables

Meltdown confirmed

Prices slump across Spain as US economist Greenspan claims Spanish economy in danger. Meanwhile banks stop lending on country properties and golf course schemes! By Jon...





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