OVER 1,300 members and supporters of the Andalucian Workers Union (SAT) have begun the last stage of a three week march.

Starting in Utrera this morning (Wednesday), the group occupied a BBVA bank for 40 minutes before moving on to Los Palacios in Sevilla.

SAT General Secretary, Cañamero Diego, claims that the march will ‘bring blame to the bankers for the crisis’.

The group has swollen from 400 marchers to over 1,300 in a matter of weeks due to Spaniards joining from outside Andalucia.

Yanira Bratos from the northern city of Aranda del Duero, spent time in the village run by union leader and ‘Robin Hood’, Mayor Gordillo.

“We’ve spent a few days in Marinaleda, seeing how things can be done differently, and now we wanted to join the march,” explained Bratos.

Union members were due to attend a meeting with Juan Manuel Valle, Mayor of Los Palacios, at the José del Moral sports centre  on Wednesday afternoon.

The marchers aim to reach their final destination of Sevilla on Friday.

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