BENALMADENA starts DNA tests of canine faeces left in public that could see owners fined €300.

The health councillor of Benalmadena City Council (Malaga), Juan Carrillo, has reported that the town plans to reinforce the control and sanctioning of dog owners who do not pick up their pets’ faeces from the public highway.

A doggie database was initiated in the area in June of 2018 and currently has 2,900 registrations of canine DNA, however, according to Carrillo, this is under 60% of the actual number of dogs in Benalmadena and insists that more dog owners need to register their four legged friend as sanctions of up to €300 also apply to those who don’t.

“The implementation of this system of sample collection and subsequent comparison to identify uncivil dog owners is not intended as a sanction or persecution, but rather to raise awareness of people’s obligation to pick up their pets’ faeces, as well as to prevent animal abandonment”, Carrillo said.

“Faeces that can be linked to a DNA registered dog will result in a sanction against the owner for failing to remove them. But those that are not linked to a registered profile will also be checked in collaboration with the Policia Local and fined accordingly.” he added.

“It is vitally important that we all work together to ensure the healthiness of our streets, especially in a tourist town like Benalmadena, we cannot afford to have pedestrians permanently confronted with dog excrement, this causes serious damage to our image as a popular holiday resort in Spain.” Carrillo declared.

The councillor called on the cooperation of all citizens, and has insisted that the intention of this canine DNA database is not to punish, ‘but to improve the image of our town.’

Additionally, according to Carrillo, the doggie database also offers ‘great peace of mind to owners in case their pet is lost or stolen.’


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