TEAM: Young patient wears a Barcelona ‘Messi 10’ shirt

OLD Spanish football shirts have been given a new lease of life on hospital wards in Madrid, with unwanted kits up-cycled for sick kids.

The ‘Strongest Hospital Gowns’ campaign has seen children at the Hospital San Rafael wearing hospital gowns fashioned from Barcelona and Real Madrid jerseys.

La Liga football shirts have replaced the usual green hospital robes in a bid to make child patients facing  their ‘hardest match’ feel stronger.

“Illness is a scary rival. But it can be beaten, we’ve turned football shirts into hospital gowns because something great happens when we wear our team shirt.

“We become braver, stronger and more prepared to beat our opponent,” said the campaign’s promotional video.

STRONGER: Boy wearing his Athletico Madrid hospital gown

A nurse at the hospital has even claimed the project could see children recovery faster from illness.

She explained: “The state of mind influences the evolution of a child, impacting how many days of hospitalisation,

“A gown gives you so much joy, can reduce stress and in turn reduces the hospital stay, because it improves your mood and defences at the same time and helps to recover faster.”

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