ATTACK: The Santa Teresa industrial estate where the man was set upon by a pack of stray dogs

AN expat has been left in critical condition after being attacked by a pack of feral dogs.

The man, 30, was found naked by police, surrounded by the group of four stray animals, who were devouring his body.

Police attending the victim beeped their horn to disperse the dogs, and then fired 11 shots into the air.

FERAL: The four animals were devouring the man’s body, leaving him severely wounded

The attack on the man, who is from Bulgaria, occurred on Sunday at the Santa Teresa industrial estate near Malaga Airport.

After the man was attacked on Calle Joaquin Vargas, he was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Virgen de la Victoria Hospital in Malaga.

The man has now been stabilised after being put on oxygen, and has had his wounds treated in surgery.

Following the incident, officers raided the estate, and a local security guard, who was unaware of the attack, said he knew there was a pack of strays roaming the area and chasing cars.

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