HOPEFUL: Kaat Buelens (centre) the Manilva candidate at her restaurant

I’VE put myself forward as a candidate in this week’s local elections because, like you, I want to see changes.

And I am running for the PSOE because we want the same things – a clean, safe and beautiful environment with solid infrastructure for the locals AND foreigners who live here.

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Our young team is made up of hard working people who are not driven by money and the need for the town hall’s wages.

As the proud owner of the Miel restaurant in Sabi for 15 years, alongside my husband Paul Hickling, who owned the much-loved Roman Oasis, I know all too well what needs changing around here.  

Kaat and Paul

I have genuine respect and passion for our village and want real change.

But it’s not just Manilva that needs attention and work.

There are a lot of other areas that have been neglected in the past, and we have plans for them too.

So not only will we work to make Duquesa port shine again and give it the support it needs, we will also implement a special plan for the many urbanisations who have been left behind by the private companies running them.

And just so you know, the rumour that I cannot get enough votes to be elected councillor because of where I am on my list is simply not true.

I have as much chance as other foreign people on different lists, so if enough of you vote for me on May 26th, I will win.

Kaat and her PSOE team

If you haven’t heard of me yet, it’s probably because I have been banned from promoting my candidacy on the most popular expat group on Facebook – while my rivals are allowed to with no obstruction.

Our party also has limited funds, certainly not enough to plaster the villages with huge billboards, or to host expensive parties and offer you gifts to woo you.

Despite this, we have been able to reach so many of you, spending our own money, getting up at 6am to make food for events and working round the clock to get our message out there.

We know the value of time and money, so imagine how wisely we would spend the €26 million annual budget of the town hall!

But if I don’t win, your vote for me will not have been wasted.

I vow to continue working hard with my party to listen and raise your concerns and needs and do my best to help solve your problems.

But at the end of the day we need a better leader, an honest, hard working and reliable person that has earned respect because of their actions.

With a very capable team that is bursting with energy and ideas, PSOE Manilva is going in one direction, the right one, and Diego Jiménez is the man we need to lead!

If you want real change that will affect your daily lives, then vote for me and the PSOE on May 26.

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