TRAGIC: Agnese Klavina vanished from the Costa del Sol more than four years ago

THE shock verdict that sees Westley Capper and his accomplice Craig Porter handed measly sentences is an insult to the poor family of Agnese Klavina.

Her parents are understandably heartbroken as are the many expats following the case.

The two people they believe to be responsible for her disappearance have been given just two years and six months respectively.

The sentence comes despite the fact the Judge himself recognised poor Agnese was forced into Capper’s car that night.

The crux of the case rested on the lack of evidence and the prosecution’s inability to provide a clear narrative of what happened to Agnese.

And this despite a large, heavy bag filmed by CCTV being taken onto Capper’s father’s boat the next day, as well as other circumstantial evidence.

Justice demands Capper, who still faces trail over the death of expat waitress Fatima Dorado, 40, see’s jail time.

Hopefully the Supreme Court will see to it.

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