PABLO Escobar’s long-lost son has signed a publishing to tell the extraordinary story of his life.

Roberto Sendoya Escobar is an acclaimed artist who goes by his adoptive name Phillip Witcomb, and lives in a Mallorcan finca.

His notorious drug lord father became one of the world’s richest men, controlling 80% of the global cocaine market, before he was shot in 1993.

CHEERS: Phillip Witcomb with director of Soho Friday Media, John Blake, in Mallorca

“This really is one of the most extraordinary stories I have ever read,” said John Blake, director of Soho Friday Media, who lives just miles from Escobar junior’s house.

“Pablo Escobar’s life has already been the subject of the hit TV series Narcos and the best-selling book, Killing Pablo, but Roberto’s story is on a whole new level.

“The tales of murders, guns, drugs and billions of dollars are just extraordinary. We are hugely honoured to be publishing this book.”

Phillip Witcomb was born in 1965, a product of a ‘non-consensual’ encounter between a 16-year-old Escobar and Maria Luisa Sendoya, then 14.

He was placed into a Bogota orphanage before being adopted by British couple Patrick and Joan Witcomb – Patrick worked as a security advisor in Colombia.

As Phillip’s real father began his meteoric rise to power in the mid-1970s, Patrick packed Phillip off to boarding school in England.

Phillip only found out the true identity of his biological father in 1989, when Escobar’s rivals seeking his first-born son’s death required 24/7 surveillance.

He told the UK press last year he was writing a book about his life, now nearing publication.

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