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Open letter from PP’s Javier Quero to people of Casares, as he bids to become mayor and ‘return Casares to its former glory’

HOPEFUL: Javier Quero wants to become mayor of Casares

IT is an honour for me to write to you and present our electoral manifesto, developed and agreed with many of you after listening to your ideas and suggestions.

The scores of neighbours who have participated with us over the last four years have shown how a town becomes great when its people can be counted upon to support it – and I take thank you all again for this support.

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Our latest manifesto is different from any of our rivals and has been studied in detail to ensure that everything is totally achievable.

It has been analysed by specialists from a legal and economic perspective to ensure it can be executed from the day we are voted into office, as there is no more time to lose.

Casares doesn’t deserve to be in its current situation, keeping a few individuals happy at the expense of the majority of its residents.

Casares is our town, our home and above all the home of every one of its people.

During these last four years, we have attended every single council meeting, both regular and special.


We have formed a constructive opposition in every respect, and have tried to lead the town hall down the right path on many of the issues.

We have tried to introduce change, with little success, since our opinions have been ignored, despite all the incorrect actions we observed.

We have defended the interests of Casares and its people as a fundamental norm, not as populists, but avoiding the limelight, working behind the scenes on the essential daily tasks of the council.

I want to ask you to read very carefully each proposal that we are making and to study and debate each one amongst yourselves.

They are credible, common-sense proposals and most importantly are all for the benefit of Casares.

All the people in the Popular Party group of Casares that have contributed to this manifesto, together with yourselves, have done so thinking about the growth that it will bring.

Of utmost importance is the creation of stable jobs, which leads to employment for our people.

This is a major objective of my team.

An achievable goal, which with an efficient and sustainable management of our resources, would return Casares to its rightful place, and above all allow us to get out of the stagnation that we have found ourselves in.

Javier Quero

I want Casares to return to what it was, an enchanting town with clean white streets.

That is why we have a new campaign slogan: ‘Casares, your time has come’.

The time is now for the kindergarten in Casares, the funeral home and the school.

It is also time for the kindergarten in Casares Costa, the time for sports in Secadero, the time for change, and above all the time to keep working for Casares, its people and its surroundings.

This is a great team that will give the best of its efforts to strengthen Casares, and make it a place where cleanliness, safety and quality of life stand out.

This manifesto gives you great things to look forward to, so I ask that you show confidence in us, and give us four years to demonstrate that we can deliver it.

This is a vote of confidence, and if you select us at the voting booth, you will not recognise Casares in four years’ time.

Everyone in life deserves a chance.

It’s what I am asking of you, and I will not let you down.

Finally, and most humbly, I ask you sincerely for your help on May 26, a day when the current Casares ends and a different Casares will begin.

It is a Casares that will be motivated and equipped with great strength to face the next government term from 2019-2023.

Yours most sincerely,

Javier Quero

Candidate for Mayor of Casares

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