VOTE: Sunday’s elections are important for expats everywhere

THIS is the big one.

The one chance every four years when we can make a difference with the lives we have made over here.

Expats of every nationality will be joining queues at polling booths around Spain this Sunday.

We can certainly make a difference with expatriates in most towns on the Costas making up well over 20% of the electorate, often up to 50%.

So make sure you go out and vote and make your views count – assuming you are registered, that is.

Above all, ensure you vote for the local team that best understands the wealth and diversity we bring to their towns.

The Olive Press sides with no particular party for in every town the candidates are different and offer unique and individual strengths and weaknesses.

But, one thing for sure, it’s best to vote for a change of mayor, as four years is more than enough time to introduced the schemes the current crop promised in 2015.

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