A MUM in Spain has been blasted online after uploading a video of her baby smoking.

The unnamed parent, from Madrid, caused an uproar after putting a cigarette in her 11-month-old son’s mouth.

The clip shows the baby throw the cigarette on the floor after taking a puff before the mum picks it up and puts it back in his mouth.

After an explosion of anger online, the mum made a statement saying her son ‘always reaches for the tobacco’ when his dad is smoking.

She added that she was sorry and that she wanted to see if the baby ‘would find it disgusting’.

The twisted mum said: “First of all, I want to apologise for uploading a video of my baby with a cigarette in his mouth, it’s not funny and I’m very sorry.

“My son always reaches for tobacco, if he sees the father smoking he wants the cigarette as if it were food.

“I thought that putting it in his mouth would make him find it disgusting…. I was wrong, and I’m super sorry.”

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