WHEN flights from Liverpool to Madrid sold out for the Champions League final weekend, dedicated fans took desperate measures to reach the Spanish capital.

But for one bus of Liverpool fans, their 30-hour journey just got even worse when urine from the toilet leaked onto their luggage on Thursday night.

Reds fan Jamie took to Twitter to reveal that almost all the suitcases on his bus were soaked.

Writing while on a stopover, he said: “80 per cent of the bags are covered in p*** cos there’s been a leak hahahaha.”

The group set off from Liverpool at around midday on Thursday, and the toilet sprang a leak before they reached the ferry.

Unlucky fans had another 20 hours on a coach filled with the stench of urine, before arriving in Madrid on Friday.

Jamie’s luggage fortunately avoided getting wet, however other fans were not quite as lucky.

SEEING RED: Fans still had a 20 hour coach journey ahead of them when the leak was discovered

Jamie wrote: “Mine’s sound but some old man literally has no undies left for the full trip because they’re drenched in stale p***.”

“What a p***take,” another commented.

Jamie claimed some thrifty fans were already offering to sell their underwear to make a bit of cash.


More than 100,000 British football fans are expected to descend on the Spanish capital and drink the city dry.

Air traffic control provider Nats said Friday would likely be the UK airspace’s busiest ever day, with more than 9,000 flights to take to the skies.

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