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Puerto de la Duquesa in Manilva is a favourite for Brits

FOREIGNERS retiring in Spain with a €1.1m nest egg can live for OVER four decades without running out of money.

Spain is the fourth most economical place to retire out of 14 countries studied in a poll.

In two set of results – based on basic or luxury budgets – Spain fared well, with pensioners able to live for 43 years on moving here.

Only Poland (at 64 years) and Portugal and Greece (at 48 years) offered better value, when taking into account average property prices, food and general living costs.

The calculation was based on the purchase of a 90 sqm apartment outside a city centre at the start of your retirement, according to fashion brand WITT.

And, if you wanted to opt for a luxury lifestyle, you would still get 29 years of bliss in Spain, as compared to just 17 years on a luxury budget in Denmark.

France proved the next most expensive place to live on a budget at just 28 years, followed by the UK, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands all on 29 years.

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