TWO British pensioners have revealed how they fought back against ‘hugger muggers’ on the Costa Blanca.

Edward Broadbent, 79, threatened a woman ‘with a rock’ after she tried to rob his watch, while Steve Jones, 71, ‘broke the arm’ of another woman when she grabbed his gold necklace.

The news comes as a Romanian duo, aged 19 and 27, were arrested last week in connection with the robbery of a €100,000 watch owned by a Dutch pensioner in Calpe.

DEFENDER OF THE LACE: Steve Jones, 71, defended himself from a robbery

“I was riding my electric bike from Albir to EL Raco campsite in Benidorm when a pretty young Romanian jumped out of the bushes,” Jones told the Olive Press.

“She was crying out in pain and put her arm around me to support herself.

“I knew exactly what she doing, so I twisted her arm back, until I heard it crack.”

Jones said the 19-year-old suddenly dropped the gold necklace she had stolen from him as a male accomplice sped to the scene.

“I kicked her into the car and never saw them again, until they appeared handcuffed in an article in the Olive Press,” said Jones, from his Hereford home.

STRONG ARM OF THE LAW: Two hugger muggers arrested in Benissa last month

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Expat Broadbent meanwhile said an attack last month was the ‘fifth robbery’ he’s suffered outside his home, in Benissa.

“A well-dressed Romanian girl jumped out at me when I was walking my little dog,” Broadbent told the Olive Press.

“Luckily I closed the electric gate to my house, but she was banging on it shouting ‘I want you’.

“I threatened her with a rock, and she screamed ‘I’m with baby!” to which I said “I’m with rock, and I’ll smash your head in.”

Broadbent said he phoned the police, and within half an hour the pair had been arrested in Calpe.

“Luckily my neighbour caught them on CCTV, which made it very easy for police,” said Broadbent, who had his €10,000 Rolex stolen in a separate brutal assault 18 months ago.

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