A RECEIPT from a Spanish bar has gone viral for billing a customer €10 for ‘taking the piss’.

The bizarre surcharge appeared on a bill from Bar Eguzki, in the Basque Country, alongside charges for verdejo, crianza, champagne and Viña Real.

HAVING A LAUGH: The bill showed the extra charge por tocar los cojones, which the customer reportedly paid

Tocar los cojones means ‘to touch the testicles’ and roughly translates as ‘taking the piss’ in English.

Waitress Anka told Espejo Publico the customer was a ‘joker’ and ‘always messing’ with her.

She revealed the annoying customer was in fact her boss, Fernando, who liked to take Thursday evenings off to drink with his friends and play card games.

She added Fernando ‘paid’ the bill, and it was ‘the best money he’s ever spent in his life’.

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