A BRITISH family have praised the Spanish health system after performing ‘miracle’ work on a father-of-two who was hit by TWO cars while on holiday on the Costa Brava.

Dean Millers, 29, from Manchester, is still recovering in hospital in Lloret de Mar after the shock crash saw him break 26 bones – including both his legs, right elbow and nose.

Millers, who was holidaying with his partner Emily and their two young children, will now have to learn to walk again after also breaking his pelvis in several places.

“Dean is making massive progress,” the family said on a Just Giving page, which has raised around €5,000 to help pay for flights for family to fly back and forth, “He’s awake and talking although he’s talking slower and is a bit confused … it’s a miracle he’s still with us.”

In describing the horrific accident, the mother-in-law said the all-inclusive trip was the family’s first.

“On the evening of the May 24 my daughter’s partner Dean decided to nip across the road to the shop for juice and biscuits for the two children.

“Dean was gone less than five minutes when Emily and the rest of the hotel heard an almighty bang… Emily went out onto the veranda she could see a lot of commotion outside and could see someone on the floor but couldn’t see who but her gut instinct told her it was Dean.

“Next thing she knew the telephone in the room rang it was reception saying please can you come down…Dean was crossing the zebra crossing when he was hit by a car which threw him in the air then a second car drove over him.

“The emergency services arrived very quickly and gave dean 100% best care possible …We can’t thank them enough!”

In a cruel twist of fate, Dean had money from his wallet and his trainers stolen while being attended to by medical staff.

He was airlifted to hospital while Emily followed in a taxi.

“The doctors told Emily that dean is lucky to be alive.”

Dean is hoping to be driven home this week after having had another operation on his pelvis on Monday.

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