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GIBRALTAR police have released a statement blasting social media users for ‘falsely claiming’ an off duty officer was behind a late night bar brawl at the weekend. 

It comes after a huge fight broke out at the pub in the Watergardens area on Saturday night.

Sources told the Olive Press today that an 80-year-old man was arrested but has not yet been charged.

However at least one woman allegedly began a rumour on social media that a drunk off duty Royal Gibraltar Policeman started the brawl.

“The RGP takes note of the serious, false accusations made in social media against the organisation in connection with the violent disorder that occurred at the weekend in the Watergardens area,” the force said in a statement today.

“Although we are aware that the incident in question is under investigation, we must emphatically deny that this was sparked off by an off duty officer who was under the influence.

“These are baseless allegations. Neither the trouble was sparked off by an off duty policeman under the influence, nor was there a policeman under the influence in the first place.”

The fight was so raucous it could be heard by nearby residents, with many taking to social media to ask what was happening.

The force added: “We are acutely aware of how these defamatory expressions can have a negative impact on the public’s confidence in the police, and are not prepared to stand idly by while our integrity and good name is unfairly smeared.

“The RGP does not normally intervene in ‘debates’ of this sort, but these particular comments are so misconceived and injurious that we have deemed it appropriate to make a public statement to categorically refute them.” 

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