DISGRACE: Robert Mansfield-Hewitt’s treatment must be a human rights breach

HOW on earth can a UK citizen be treated in a modern European democracy in the way that Robert Mansfield-Hewitt has been?

Held for months without charge and locked up with terrorists for almost a YEAR before getting his day in court.

It is a disgrace to Spain and surely in breach of a score of human rights laws at both European and international level.

It is even more damning given the businessman’s illnesses and deteriorating condition over the months.

Where is the outcry from other media outlets, especially back in the UK? Or in Gibraltar?

Once again the Olive Press is left to highlight the murky proceedings of the Spanish justice system, as we do gladly. And for the third time in a year!

Here’s hoping Robert is duly released, or we can promise we will not let up the pressure until he is.