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Spain’s COVID-19 lockdown is ‘illegal’ lawyer claims in letter to European Parliament, warning of ‘de facto dictatorship’

A SPANISH lawyer has complained to the European Parliament that the country’s coronavirus lockdown rules are illegal. Jose Ortega has sent a letter to the...

OPINION: Locking British man Robert Mansfield-Hewitt up with terrorists in Spain is disgusting

Where is the outcry from other media outlets, especially back in the UK? Or in Gibraltar?

UN set to inspect migrant situation in Spain

During the trip, which takes five to 10 days and starts February 26, officials will meet with charitable groups directly linked to work with African migrants.

EU urged to intervene as Spaniard held without charge for TWO YEARS in Spain

THE EU has been urged to intervene in the case of a Spanish national and his son who have been held without charge for...

Migrant U-turn by Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy

Spain has now promised to take 17,000 refugees by the end of 2015

Spain’s ‘gag law’ approved by senate

The controversial new security law will be ratified next month

Amnesty International slams Spain in annual human rights report

The report goes on to criticise the PP for attempting to legalise summary deportations at the border

Teenage transsexual refused entry to church in Sevilla

Maria Jose was planning to wear a flamenco dress to Mass as part of the annual Fiesta del Mosto y la Aceituna in Umbrete

Catalunya to bring in burka ban following French human rights ruling

Austria, Norway and Denmark may now follow suit

Spain curbs power of pioneering human rights judges

The country will only be able to prosecute wrongdoers residing in Spain

Mother mistreated by Spanish courts

Human Rights Court awards mother €30,000 in compensation after a decade of forcible separation from her daughter

Junta de Andalucia accused of human rights abuses

A BRITISH family whose home is at risk of being demolished is taking the Junta to court.

Spanish ‘superjudge’ works to save Assange from extradition

Garzon does not believe William Hague's claims that the UK will protect the Wikileaks boss from human rights violations

Garzon found guilty of phone tapping

Spanish 'superjudge' banned from practising for 11 years by Supreme Court

Spanish police still using torture

Amnesty International says not enough is being done to prevent it





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