An African migrant is lowered from a border fence by a Spanish Civil Guard at the border between Morocco and Melilla during the latest attempt to cross into Spanish territory

AMNESTY International has slammed immigration issues in Spain in its annual report on the state of global human rights.

The human rights organisation particularly highlights the Spanish government’s actions at the borders between Morocco and the twin Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla.

“Unlawful treatment of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers, including their unlawful deportation to Morocco, and unnecessary or excessive use of force by law enforcement officials, were reported in the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla throughout the year,” reads the study.

It goes on to the mention the deaths of 15 undocumented migrants who drowned off Ceuta’s El Tarajal beach on February 6 2014.

Survivors gave reports that border security staff opened fire with rubber bullets on the 200-strong crowd of migrants attempting to swim for shore.

Those who died drowned in the ensuing melee.

The 16 officers who were involved in the action are now the focus of a legal probe into the deaths, while 24 other members of the Guardia Civil are being investigated for their actions at the border, including excessive force.

The report also notes the PP government’s attempt to legalise summary deportations at the border, which would mean deporting the migrants and asylum-seekers before being properly documented.

“The government wants to make legal what is illegal,” said Esteban Beltran, director of Amnesty International Spain.


  1. How about referendum on whether Spanish people want African immigrants or not? Do we live in democracy or what?
    99.9% of those “refugees” are not real refugees, they just look for better place to make money.
    UK will be majority non-white by 2050, how long it is going to take Spain to turn into Little Africa?

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