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Spain’s public prosecutor shelves probe into Melilla migrant tragedy that claimed 23 victims

SPAIN’S public prosecutor has shelved a probe into the migrant tragedy that occurred at the border fence separating the Spanish exclave city of Melilla...

Civil Guard admits using scores of gas canisters during Melilla migrant tragedy that left 23 dead

THE SPANISH Civil Guard has admitted that it used a huge amount of riot material, such as tear gas, during the migrant tragedy in...

Morocco to get €500 million from EU to fight illegal migration

THE European Commission could give Morocco €500 million to keep migrants out of the EU for the period of 2021 to 2027, the EU...

Migrating white stork birds are staying put in Spain to live off landfill sites

WHITE storks are preferring to stay in Spain rather than migrating to Africa for the winter, as landfill sites are giving them plenty of...

Police arrest 14 illegal migrants posing as refugees fleeing war in Ukraine after they presented false documents in Alicante...

MORE than a dozen people in Alicante have been arrested for posing as Ukrainians using fraudulent documents in order to stay in Spain illegally. The...

Migrant crossings to Spain: Number reaching Malaga last year dropped by 75.45%

THE number of people who made dangerous journeys across water to reach Malaga in 2021 has dropped by 75.45%.  Some 231 migrants succeeded in reaching...

ANALYSIS: How 2021 became the deadliest year on record for migrants crossing from west Africa to Spain’s Canary Islands

A RECORD number of people have died whilst trying to cross from West Africa to the Canary Islands during 2021. Data suggests that the route...

Photo of Red Cross woman hugging migrant sparks far-right row in Spain

By Nickacia Forrester A YOUNG Red Cross volunteer who became a social media sensation when a photo of her hugging a frightened and distraught immigrant...

Storks choose to winter in Spain instead of Africa due to warmer weather and more food

STORKS have stopped migrating to Africa for winter but instead have been spending the cold months in Spain.

Irregular migration to Spanish coasts falls by 39% after EU and Spain grant €170m to Moroccan authorities

IRREGULAR migration to Spanish coasts has fallen by 39% after the EU and Spain granted €170m to Moroccan authorities in a bid to boost...

Migrants arriving in Spain by boat quadruple in number as route becomes most popular into Europe

A total of 98 boats arrived on Spanish coasts in the month of January, almost double on the previous year

300 mainly African migrants dock in Spain after a week at sea saw them refused entry by Italy and...

A BOAT carrying 300 migrants docked in Spain this morning after being refused entry twice into Europe. Operated by Spanish charity NGO Proactiva Open Arms,...

Birds eye view on the Costa del Sol

Downtown Duquesa a birdwatcher’s paradise as tourists spots over 3,000 from his rooftop terrace

Birds choose migration to UK over Spain thanks to bird-feeding Brits

Birds are choosing to spend winter in the UK over sunny Spain

The migration game

Plans to use Algeciras as a clearing port for Europe’s migrant quotas could leave Spain carrying the can

Amnesty International slams Spain in annual human rights report

The report goes on to criticise the PP for attempting to legalise summary deportations at the border

Amnesty International slams Spain for migrant overcrowding

Temporary accommodation centres in Ceuta and Melilla are significantly over-capacity

ONE YEAR ON: Today marks the anniversary of the drowning of 12 migrants in Ceuta, but there is still...

Human Rights Watch insist Spain has done nothing to help the families of the dead

Spain ends search for missing migrants – including eight babies

The estimated 23 missing people were swept from their boat in stormy weather

VIDEO: Spanish police beat an African migrant in Melilla before carrying him unconscious back to Morocco

The man was one of 100 migrants to rush the six-metre-high fence

Flood of migrants in past 48 hours in Strait of Gibraltar

Emergency services have picked up nearly 1,000 migrants in dozens of boats and rafts

Tarifa’s new bird lab to become world leader for migration

The centre will study the effect of global change on bird migration

Spain slammed by Amnesty for putting borders before people

Spain spends 30 times more on defending its borders than on improving conditions for would-be migrants

EU grants €10 million to fight immigration at Spain’s borders

Spain is bearing the brunt of immigration from Africa into Europe

Pressures escalate at Spanish-Melilla border

Waves of sub-Saharan migrants have attempted to break through onto European soil this week

African migrant smuggled in a suitcase

Border police spotted his friend struggling with the weight of the bag




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