UNVEILED: The new Andalucia budgets fund infrastructure projects and cultural works

A STRING of vital infrastructure projects are set to finally get much needed investment around Andalucia.

They include a series of new roads, dozens of sewage projects, as well as vital protection for a string of key historic sites (see below for full guide).

Transport is understandably high on the agenda with €337,000 spent on the Velez Malaga tram network, some €6 million is being put into developing a train logistics hub in Antequera, and €4m will go on the bypass around Arriate, near Ronda.

Meanwhile, a tram is to be installed from Alcala de Guadaira to Sevilla, while the Malaga metro will get €29.8m.

IMPORTANT: Transport is high on the agenda in this budget, including the Velez Malaga tram network

Planners meanwhile are to study extending the Malaga A-357 dual carriageway all the way to Ronda.

The first stage of this will be €50,000 spent on improving the road from Ardales to Ronda, as well as launching a study on the widening the A-357 in the Guadalhorce valley.


In total, Malaga is to get €153 million under the new regional budget, signed off from the Junta, while Sevilla gets €170m, Granada gets €131m and Cadiz the highest amount with €212m. Huelva gets the smallest amount with just €96m.

One of the largest cash injections is for Malaga’s Picasso Museum, for which €4.3 million has been set aside, while other cultural investments include €2.4 million for the Dolmens in Antequera, and €875,000 for a Cameron de la Isla flamenco museum in San Fernando, Cadiz.

CASH INJECTION: Malaga’s Picasso Museum gets one of the largest investments, with €4.3 million set aside

Meanwhile €324,000 is being spent on upgrading Almeria’s Ciudad del Cine, in Nijar, while €250,000 will be spent on a visitor centre at the Acinipo ruins, in Ronda.

Environmental money includes €1.4 million for a link pipe project for the La Concepcion and La Vinuela reservoirs, while cleaning of dry stream beds and waterways will cost €802,000.

Sewage projects are to get a huge amount of money in Huelva, with €35m set aside, while Jaen and Cordoba provinces get €22m each.

Pest control of the chestnut wasp in the Genal Valley, and promotion of Malaga’s famous raisins each receive €100,000.

Two large health projects also receive cash, the new Estepona hospital (€4.2 million) and San Pedro health centre (€3 million).

The big projects at a glance (and totals for each province)

BREAKDOWN: The money going to the different provinces of Andalucia

Sevilla – €170,36 million
€350,000 to upgrade metro line 3.
€5.55 millions for Alcala de Guadaira tramway.

Granada – €130,79 million
€4.44 million for more research at the Parque de las Ciencias.
€5 million for a new site of the Biblioteca de Andalucía.

Cádiz – €212.28 million
€142 million for the ITI programme (Inversión Territorial Integrada) to modernise the most undeveloped areas.
€1.2 million for the Museo del Carnaval

Huelva – €96.63 million
More than €2 million to convert the Banco de Espana building.
€23,4 million for University research projects

Almería – €125.23 million
€44 million towards the olive sector, including different training programmes for young farmers.
€324.000 towards the Ciudad del Cine project, in Níjar.

Córdoba €118.01 million
€4.1m towards the modernisation of olive farms
€7.7m for young farmers

Jaén – €131.78 million
€5 million towards building the railway branch line Vadollano-Linares
€22 million for sanitation system and water purification.

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