JOBS: Salespeople, as well as waiters and hotel workers, will be among the most popular jobs on the Costa del Sol this summer

THIS summer will see a huge relative rise in employment on the Costa del Sol, a new report has said.

In Malaga there will be a 10% increase in seasonal work compared to the same period during 2018.

That is according to the Adecco Group, which said in its research that 24,886 new staff will be taken on in the province.

PREDICTION: The Addeco Group forecasts a large increase in summer employment compared with 2018

Waiters, hotel workers, salespeople, customer service staff, telemarketers and shop assistants, are among the most popular summer jobs.

Malaga will also have the third highest number of new employees in Andalucia after Sevilla with 36,874 and Cadiz, 25,309.

New sales roles taken up this summer will total 3,275, which is an increase of 10% compared with the same period last year.

“The boom in summer tourism coupled with the imminent sales campaign create a very favourable scenario for the creation of employment in very diverse sectors,” an Adecco spokesperson said.

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