SHOCKER: Effigy of migrants in boat in Estepona

A RACIST and xenophobic effigy has shocked residents on Spain’s Costa del Sol. 

The offensive structure was pictured on La Rada beach in Estepona ahead of the annual San Juan celebrations yesterday. 

It showed a group of migrants – including a pregnant woman – in a boat with signs reading ‘I think my water has finally broken in Spanish territory’ and ‘hold on a bit longer darling they will give us €2,500 per child.’

British expat and president of PSOE Estepona Mary Page told the Olive Press the effigy was ‘unacceptable’ and could be seen as a ‘hate crime’. 

“The person responsible has apologised but he should have realised that what the group was planning was unacceptable and could be seen as a hate crime,” she told this paper today. 

Page, who also runs the ADANA dog shelter, added that there will be a denuncia filed. 

“It’s one thing to be concerned about levels of immigration and another to make fun of people, many of whom – women and children among them – have perished in their understandable search for a better life.”

Page added: “The Spain I love is tolerant and welcoming, these people should be ashamed.” 

Izquierda Unida reported the effigies to Policia Local and mayor Jose Maria Garcia Urbano. 

The effigies were removed before midnight. 

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