SPAIN’S first original Netflix documentary has been released detailing one of the country’s most horrific murder investigations.

The Alcassar Murders – El Caso Alcàsser in Spanish – remembers the abduction, rape and murder of three teenage girls near Valencia city in 1992.

The five-part series sees directors Ramón Campos and Elías León Siminani reopen the case for which the prime suspect Antonio Angles has never been brought to justice.

The gruesome crime happened in in November when Miriam Garcia Iborra, 14, Antonia Gomez Rodriguez, 15, and Desiree Hernandez Folch, 14, disappeared on their way to a school party.

The three girls hitchhiked to the club and were never seen again.

Their bodies were discovered by two beekeepers two months later buried in the ground in a rural area in La Romana, Catadau.

They had been kidnapped, raped, tortured, mutilated and killed.

MURDERER: Accomplice Miguel Ricart served 21 years in prison

The case was covered extensively on prime-time television, with gruesome details of the crime discussed in depth, leading to a debate over the boundaries between journalism and reality TV.

“We did this to shed light on events, to heal the wounds – and in this case, the wounds are deep,” director Ramon Campos told El Pais.

“The media went in there without thinking about what they were doing to that village, and they cut deep.”

The series details the entire case with interviews with friends, families and journalists involved in the horrific tale.

Accomplice Miguel Ricart served 21 years in prison for the crime, however prime suspect Antonio Angles has never been found, and is still on Spain’s most-wanted list.

The documentary was released last Friday, June 21.

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