A DOCTOR’S note has gone viral on social media after it was so illegible the patient had to ask Twitter for assistance.

User Loeflingia posted a picture of the doctor’s note, which is made up of seven words that are completely indecipherable.

He asked the internet: “Can anyone say what the doctor has prescribed me? I think I’m going to need the Rosetta stone for this one.”

The post received humorous responses, saying it read ‘croquetas’, or that it was in ‘morse code’.

“It’s an invocation to Cthulu,” wrote one user, citing the fictional cosmic entity created by H.P. Lovecraft.

Eventually, Spanish healthcare professionals chimed in for support.

“After gathering five paediatricians in the dining room, and consulting with an expert committee of adult doctors from the next table, we have come to the conclusion that it is Emconcor Cor,” wrote Joserra.

It turns out that this refers to an asthma inhaler. 

“If you do have asthma, your doctor perhaps is trying to kill you,” Joserra added.

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