LORRY LOAD : Hidden hashish and marijuana discovered by the police

A DUTCH trucker has been arrested outside Malaga with more than 1,000 kilos of drugs hidden within his cargo.

The fifty-year-old lorry driver was picked up while on route to Malaga on the A-357  motorway after a surveillance operation by Policia Nacional. 

Sniffer dogs alerted officers to the truck’s trailer where police discovered the 1,000 kilos of hashish and 225 of marijuana in hollowed out pallets.

Investigator had learnt every two months a lorry from the suspect’s Dutch haulage company would rendezvous with Moroccan hashish smugglers in Bajo Guadalhorce. 

In addition to the hidden drugs, which had been destined for Holland, police also found close to €3,000 in cash in the lorry. 

This arrest comes after the launch of Operation Coffee, a European wide operation against large-scale international drug trafficking. 

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