FAMILY TRAGEDY: Calle Eduardo R Espana in Malaga where a woman is believed to have killed her sleeping dad

A WOMAN has been arrested, accused of bludgeoning her sleeping dad to death and stabbing her mum in the back.

The 41-year-old was cuffed after the attack at her parents’ Malaga home, where police found her dad, 71, laid out on the living room floor.

Officers suspect he was watching TV on the sofa, and had fallen asleep, before his daughter attacked him from behind with a blunt object.

The mother, who received a knife wound to the back was discharged from a medical centre yesterday.

POLICE: Officers attending the Malaga property believe the woman may have surprised her father as he drifted off in front of the TV

Police were called to the property in Calle Eduardo R Espana after the arrested woman’s children found their injured grandparents.

The detained woman had apparently gone to pick up her children, who are believed to have been sleeping at their grandparents’ house.

The woman fled the scene and was found on a Malaga industrial estate in a state of shock by a relative shortly after.

She was taken to the Psychiatry ward of the Clinical Hospital, before being transferred to Malaga Police Station, and police are now investigating.

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