A turquoise lake in Spain popular among Instagrammers has been revealed to be toxic and ‘dangerous’ to swimmers.

Monte Neme, in northern Spain, appears to have crystal clear waters and has attracted snappers keen to pose in front of the seemingly idyllic scene.

Some have even bathed in the chemically-contaminated waters, the site of a former tungsten mine during the First and Second World Wars.

The body of water is surrounded by mounds of heavy metals that leak into the water and create the hypnotic colours.

TOXIC: The waters have caused skin irritation
WHOOPS: The blue waters are caused by heavy metals

Those who have gone for a short bathe at Monte Neme have complained of eye and skin irritation.

A local Instagrammer told Spanish newspaper Publico she bathed in the bright waters because it looked ‘very pretty’ and saw no signs saying swimming was banned. She soon began vomiting and developed a nasty skin rash, which persisted for about two weeks.

Authorities warn prolonged or repeated exposure can pose more serious health risks.

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