SNEAKY: Police arrested a man after finding over a kilo of hash in his altered shoes

A MAN attempting to smuggle €2,000 worth of hash in his trainers has been arrested.

The Spaniard, from Ceuta, was cuffed by Guardia Civil cops in the Port of Algeciras.

Police discovered 1.2 kilos of the drug, wrapped in 120 pellets, had been concealed in his sneakers.

DRUG RUNNER: Officers found 120 pellets of the drug concealed in the shoes’ insoles and tongues

The shoes – black Nike Air Force 1s – had been altered to conceal the hash in the tongues and in cavities under the insoles.

Tax officers stopped the man at customs, after he arrived from Ceuta, noting that he seemed ‘nervous’.

It comes just days after a Colombian man was detained at Barcelona Airport after police found half a kilo of cocaine under his toupee.

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